Embeddable Quizzes

I made a small update* to Quizzly today that will make it much easier for bloggers to embed quizzes into their site. Let’s say I have a blog about coffee. I can embed a quiz into my blog post, which will make it more interactive and thereby increase the amount of time visitors spend on my site – an important engagement metric. After a few paragraphs of content about coffee, I might place the quiz here:

At this point in your blog post it is a good idea to engage with your visitors about their score. Encourage them to post their scores or discuss the quiz in the comments. You can create quizzes specifically for your blog post on my quiz maker site.

*Specifically, I added in a few lines of JavaScript to the quiz pages that checks if it is in an iframe, and if it is, removes all other page elements except the quiz itself. I also added a “get embed code” button at the end of each quiz.

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