Westworld Podcast – New Episode!

I’ve been a frequent guest on my friend Craig Carter’s Westworld podcast over the past year or so. He started this project with Heather Barefoot and Jonathan Yeomans, and Jonathan is the guest in the episode that came out today.

They talk about the three new Westworld cast members and the fact that Jimmi Simpson will return next season. That means more scenes from the past, which is intriguing. They also give a preview of next week’s discussion of Jurassic Park, which has a lot in common with Westworld, namely that it is about a theme park that goes haywire, causing the visitors to become prey.

I love this podcast, and not just because I’m on it. It has some great interviews with actors from the show, original player piano music from Alex Thompson, and reviews of other titles in the Western and Sci-Fi genres. Its been super fun working with Craig on this project, as well as the other guests of the show (Brian Sutorius, Heather Barefoot, Wil Heflin, and Jonathan Yeomans).

If you’re looking to sate your Westworld fix for the long haul between now and season 2, then this is the podcast for you.